Wednesday, January 11, 2012

After the bells

Well, what a great month that was.. the month of all the holiday fun and family.  I spent some time out in Seattle with Fairchild and her family.  I've never been to Seattle- great city.  It's really beautiful- the mountains, the wet cloudy days and the lush vegetation are captivating.
Weather in the midwest has been particularly lovely lately- nearly 50 every day in January!  Wow!  But I'm ready for some snow- I've got the snow blade attached to the John Deere- I'm ready to push some snow.  At least once.  After the first time the novelty will probably fade away quickly.  I might get my wish because it's supposed to get cold and snow… TONIGHT.  That was some quick manifesting!

Denver and The Dickens
I haven't told the story yet- but we have a new dog on the Farm.  Denver is his name.  He's a big white feller- an American Bulldog.  He looks just like Maggie-Dog (a dog of mine from the 2000's).  Daisy Dickens didn't care much for him at first but I think she's starting to like him a little.  Denver absolutely loves Daisy.  He gets all excited if he hasn't seen her for a while… it warms my heart.

I've been in the studio all last week and all this week mixing tunes.  I love to see the songs come together … it's tedious but I enjoy it.
New HIMEBAUGH music coming ASAP!

Rock On-

Monday, December 19, 2011

I went to Des Moines, IA last week to do some shows and more importantly to record some songs at a studio there.  Sonic Factory is a groovy studio in the Drake University area.  Tony Bohnenkamp and Jon Locker (former Nadas), old friends going back to Nadas, Domestic Problems, Hello Dave Fresh Tracks tour, own the joint and have accrued some very nice gear.

I spent all week in the studio working on several songs that’ll be coming out on a new HIMEBAUGH cd in early 2012!  I’m really excited to get these songs out.  Some of them have been on my shelves for a few years but some I’ve just written over the past year.  

La la la lala
The recording studio is one of my favorite places- hours can go by in a blink of an eye and magic happens.  A song that was just a couple of strums on a guitar and a melody becomes something alive and bouncing around the room like a beach ball.  I really enjoy building the songs with parts and harmonies and tambourines and whistles and whatever the heck else we want!  And then there are times when all I want to hear is a whispering guitar and the words!  I have to admit that nearly all the time I prefer the simplest of things on a song but there are times when the song is calling out for something more.  One of the songs I recorded seemed to respond when we started building up a ‘parade’ atmosphere at the end.  Who knows if it will stand up in the final edits but it’ll be fun to play with all the parts.  

Jon Locker taking a picture of me videoing him! :)
I spent 10 or 12 hours in the studio every day then I had a nice dinners with friends.  Sushi was the main staple this week- it has been hard to come by living on the farm in Central Illinois.  I guess the deliciousness of sushi has not reached this neck o’ the woods yet.  

Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights I played some shows.  For all three of them I was paired with Damon Dotson- a local Iowa favorite.  All I can say is- great songs, great voice, great guitar playing and great EXCITEMENT to sing his songs.  I really dug working with him.  He even came in to the studio to sing on a couple of songs!

Mary McAdams joined us for one show and I was really impressed with her show.  I’ve known her for several years.  We met out at the Song School in Lyons, CO in... 2005 maybe?!  Somewhere in there... Anyway- she has blossomed like a huge Sunflower- writing and singing her songs!  She’s preparing for her second album soon.

***Dotson has a bunch of records out- one of my favorite songs is called Wounds to Heal!  
Now... let’s have some Christmas action!!!! 
Rock On folks!
Happiest of Holidays to you all!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Good day and Good Morning Sunshine!
Good Morning Sunshine is a song I wrote last year.  It was a chilly, spring morning.  I’d had the idea for the song, the whole chorus even for a long time but I could never get it to come all the way out.  Kind of like birth... I could see the head for a long time but I just couldn’t push it out.  Okay, maybe it’s nothing like birth maybe it’s more like drawing a picture when you’re a wee one.  Back in the days when NOTHING really mattered except food and sleep.  When we were innocent young children and every single thing we encountered was incredible.  I remember I loved to draw.  But usually I had no idea what I was gonna draw until I let the pencil or crayons start moving across the page.  That’s kind of what writing a song is like now.  Except sometimes when I’m half way done with the ‘drawing’ I hit a wall.  Maybe it’s because when I realize what I’m ‘drawing’ I start thinking about it too much.  Hmmm, interesting.  
Anyway, on this fine morning last spring I was letting my mind wander.  I was laying on the floor in front of a big glass door and the sun was pouring in over me.  I was trying to clear my head of all the junk that’s usually there- ‘what should I have for breakfast?  Maybe I should go for a run, I really gotta pay my credit card bill, where’s my phone... did I get any texts? Daisy... do you have to go outside.. etc etc etc.
It takes a long time to stop the nonsense but on this morning I finally did it for the first time.  I was able to find a really peaceful, calmness that kind of washed over me.  I’d never been so relaxed in my life.  Then, without a thought, I got up.  I picked up my guitar and started playing the parts of Good Morning Sunshine I had already and kept going.  I wrote a verse.  I wrote the second verse.  I sang the chorus again and altered it a little.  And then.... I was done.  It only took a couple of minutes to finish.  I sat and smiled.  A HUGE smile and then I thanked everybody!  :)
At that point, I think maybe it is a little like giving birth- a LITTLE.  The feeling I get when I finish a song -that I like- is like none other.  Pride, love, gratitude, eagerness to play it again... and a lot of joy.
Since then I’ve been all about the sunshine.  Sunshine!  What’s better than a little sunshine?
I’ll try to explain what I mean by the Sunshine in my next episode.. blogisode... whatevs.

I guess I should let you check out the song if you want to- there is a version of it on YouTube- from the Back End Studio (for you newbies- the BES is the studio in the back of Madison The RV that I cruise around in).  It's just me and the guitar!

Rock On and Take ‘er Easy-

Sunday, November 13, 2011


So we just had all those elevens pass by- November 11, 2011, 11-11-11!
Eleven has plastered itself all over me for the past few years.  I feel like every time I look up I see an 11 somewhere.. or a 1:11 or 11:11.  I'll give you a couple of examples.

Last time I went up to Jimmy John's Camp Jackpine in Wisconsin I was riding in the mini van that was shuttling me north.  I was listening to sweet, soothing music on my i-pod and just relaxing my body.  The number eleven popped into my mind- it had been coming to me for a year and a half at that point so it was nothing new.  For some odd reason I wrote it on the inside of my arm- small- in purple ink.  I went to switch tunes on my i-pod and low and behold it was 11:11 on the clock.  I smiled.  On we drove.  When we arrived at Jackpine Leslie, Jimmy's wife escorted us to our cabin.  Cabin 11 of course.  I smiled.

While I was in Florida this past winter I stayed at a house that had a lovely outdoor pool area (thanks cuz Marcie and Alan)- I glanced up at the clock on the wall that hadn't worked for months.  It was stuck permanently with it's hands frozen at…. 11:11 exactly.  I smiled.

When I shaved my head last year… it was time to get rid of the long hair.  I had noticed a thinning spot on the back of my head.  This can't be, said I.  But yes, it was true.  The hair on the back of my head was thinning not just in one place but two!!  Of course by now you know right???  The two thin spots are side by side… in the shape of… a dad …gum... ELEVEN.

It happens ALL the time and it makes me smile every time!

I looked it up.  You can do this thing called 'your life path number'.  Using your birthday- mine is February 4, 1967.  February is the second month= 2.  The fourth is, obviously, the 4th day= 4.  With the year you add all the numbers 1+9+6+7= 23.  Reduce that number by adding the digits [2+3=5].  So I get 2, 4 and 5.  Add them up.  How did I know it would add up to Eleven.  I smiled.

I shall listen to this message!!!!

I know it's a pretty good message for me- to keep things positive.  Put worries out of my mind and think of what I want to manifest in my life.  And to maintain integrity throughout.  POSITIVE.. think positive!  It does a body good!

I like 11.  I just might tatoo it to my arm someday!  Maybe if I display 11 on my arm I won't have to display it on my HEAD!!!  :)

And of course- let us not forget Nigel Tufnel!  "This one goes to 11!"

Rock On and take 'er easy!

Thursday, November 10, 2011 ???? you di'int

Hi folks- hope you're day is perfect.  I like to be happy… "unreasonably happy".  I think it's a good way to go about life.  Just try your hardest to be happy, no matter what.  Sure there are times in our lives when 'things' happen and you feel you just can't be happy.  But, thankfully, they don't happen everyday.  For most of us, those 'things' don't happen often at all.  So, during the weeks, months or years between those 'things' I just work on being happy.  Even 'simulated' happy will tend to lead to real happy.  Have you ever been with someone and just try to start laughing.  After a few moments you can't help but really laugh a loud, outlandish laughter.  Ah laughter… that's the best!!

I've received a bunch of emails lately from friends and listeners about  It appears that the web site has disappeared.  Yes, it has.  It has been deliberately taken down.  Due to some unfortunate issues we've lost our domain.  The band has been going through management changes and it's been a long, challenging process.  We are uncertain if the band will ever get back so I went out and got from the kind folks at GoDaddy!  Now I'm looking for some help… some webbies!!!  Is that what you call them?  Somebody who might be interested in helping me out with our NEW page!

Contact us at if you or anybody you know can help us out.
In the mean time come find us on and like us.  I'll send out updates through there- or if you'd like- send your e mail address to and I'll add you to a new mailing list!

This whole deal is kind of a bummer but I'm still happy… unreasonably happy!!  :)

Rock On and a new web page!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


I picked up my first guitar when I was 20 years old.  It was in my garage and belonged to my Step Dad.  It was an old Guild guitar with 2 strings on it.  I took it to the guitar store guy and asked him if he could fix it.  A day later I picked the guitar up and bought a laminated card with a whole bunch of ‘guitar chords’ on it.  I quickly went home and huddled in my bedroom for the next 16 hours.  I learned the G chord.  Heaven.  I was in Heaven.  I learned the D chord.  I almost learned the C chord and all of a sudden I could almost play a whole song, sort of.  

Really, that’s how it happened.  
The summer that followed that fateful, spring day was the summer of song.  I played along with some of my favorite songs.  I was in awe.  I couldn’t believe that songs were... for lack of a better word... EASY.  The basic framework of the songs I liked consisted of 3 or 4 chords most of the time.  Sometimes it was just 2 chords!  I already knew 8 chords.  Heaven.  
I started humming my own melodies to my chords.  HUH???  Could it be that maybe I could somehow WRITE a song?  Sure enough, one day in my Fathers house in Plymouth, MI I sat down and actually wrote a whole song.  I wrote it about a girl... of course.  But it was a song.  Nobody ever heard that song... EVER.  Writing songs became my favorite thing in the world to do.  
I met some guys at Eastern Illinois University, where I attended college.  Greg Scalia taught me how to play some more chords.  Frank Gerage taught me more about writing songs.  He could play guitar really good AND bass.  We started playing songs together at parties around campus.  Then one day this dude walked up and said ‘I can play drums’!!!  That was Pat Wagner.  And he could play drums!  We played songs by the BoDeans and REM.  We played songs by the Indigo Girls and John Cougar.  We met a guy who had a huge sound system, Ken Reynolds.  Kenny called me a singer/songwriter.  So I showed the guys some of my songs.... and...that was the day my life changed courses.  Pre-med had now become the school of rock (no copy write infringement intended)!  We played some of the local bars and frat houses.  Then we even branched out to another town not far away... yup... we were ‘on the road’!  
I promised my Mom I would stay in college until I graduated.  So I did.  Then the band started playing a little more.  By 1993 I headed to Chicago to live and go full time with the band.  Heaven.  We found a manager, John Wanzung, and we really hit the road.  We toured from San Francisco to Key West and Martha’s Vineyard to Havasu, AZ!  Through out the 90’s we played around 200 shows a year.  The band changed a few times... Mike Hall played guitar and Willis Petocki played bass.  Steve Merchant played the drums until Bryan Resendiz (REZ) joined us.  I made Chicago my home and the Unit, our touring RV, my home away from home.  With the 2000’s more folks came and went- Big Al Wetzel played bass and Magoo strummed the guitar.  Then Peter Bauschke started playing drums and Marty Williamson joined Magoo on lead guitar and Matt Longbons signed up to play bass!  Through out this time I was writing songs and learning some songs that the other guys wrote and we made cds.  We released, Hello Dave (self titled first cd), West, a Christmas CD, 16tons, Wicked Revelry, Perfect Day and finally Chicago Twang.  We played rock festivals we played country festivals.  We were played on triple A radio, college radio and mainstream country radio.  We had ups and we had downs but we always played music and put smiles on the faces of people who sometimes drove hundreds of miles to see us.  I play music for a living.... Heaven.  I’m so proud to have stood beside my band mates for so many years and create music that has become- as many have told me- ‘the sound track to their lives’.  First dances, first dates and first babies has been our legacy.   
For the past couple years I’ve been heading out of town on my own.  I play shows at clubs, festivals and at people’s houses.  I’ve been writing songs and recording them.  I’m releasing my first batch of solo music in 2011.  
I am HIMEBAUGH and I like to write and sing songs to make people smile.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

HD to Effing-Ham it up!

Good day!  I'm writing from the Farm today- what a glorious fall it's been so far.  I took a trip to Grand Rapids, MI last week to play with a group called Home Again.  It was their cd release party and what a great time it was.  I opened the show with about a 45 minute set and then spent most of the rest of the night on stage with HG.

We got there early enough on Wednesday night for a little rehearsal at Mackinaw Harvest Studios - that's where HD recorded our last record… or rekad as the Colonel likes to call it.  The Colonel owns Mackinaw Harvest- he's the feller we made Chicago Twang with.  Some of you will remember we streamed almost the whole affair on the internets!  Good memories of "Magoo After Dark" and "count the olives"….

The show was great- we sang my favorites-  Holding on to Love and Lightning McQueen!  I was in Mackinaw Harvest doing some recording last fall when Home Again was recording so I got to sit in a bit.. hence I knew the tunes!!

Fairchild made the trip with me and we spent the night in the Holtgrieve driveway.. in the RV Madison of course- he invited us in like a good host but, really, we have everything we need in the MoHo so we'd rather just spend the night in it.  The next morning we got to hang out with the Andy and Emily and their three wee ones- Matthew, Mary and Molly!  What a bunch of cuties they are!  We had "Western Breakfast" in recognition of The Farm that Fairchild and I now live on.  Thanks Emily!

This week- tomorrow- we are headed to Effingham, IL for a Hello Dave show.  Thursday night at the EPC- it's a beautiful theater in Marty's hometown.  Big Al Wetzel is sitting in with us because Longbons can't be there!  We're gonna have us a good time.
Vicki, Marty's wife has been working hard hard hard on this show!  Thanks so much Vicki!

Alrighty- see you in E-ham.
Rock On and Take 'er easy!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Grand Rapido rapido….

Good day…
Farm livin' is the life for me!  Seriously, I gotta quit singing that song…. but it is so true.  I'm enjoying living out in the country so far.  The folks around here tell me that winter can get a little tough so we'll see just how much I'm enjoying the country come January!  :)

Me- working…HARD!
My Dad, Phil Himebaugh, came out for a visit this week.  He and I (meaning he) did a little work around the place.  I'm a little handy… he's a LOT handy.  So it's nice to have someone else say 'yep.. put the screw there… it'll hold'!!  Now I have someone to blame if it all comes tumbling down.  We have a claw foot tub here with no shower so we put up one of those shower curtain holders that encircle the tub.  It'll hold.

Today, Fairchild and I are headed north to Michigan.  I've got a show in Grand Rapids tomorrow night- Thursday- at the Intersection.  I'm opening the show for Home Again- a new group formed out of Domestic Problems.  DP is a great Michigan band that Hello Dave has played with tons of times through the years.  Seriously, if you have a chance to see them - GO!
Home Again is releasing a brand new CD at the Intersection Thursday night.  I helped out a little when they were recording in the spring so they've invited me to play a few tunes with them during the show too!  It's gonna be a special night.

Alrighty- gotta hit the road!
Rock On and for crying out loud… take 'er easy!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Load-a Dakota fun!

HD@ The Landing

Good day -
I hit the road over the weekend with the band!  HD loaded up in the van and trekked many miles through the tundra and land of 10,000 lakes to the oil rich/job rich land of North Dakota.  When we're faced with many miles we like to take the night drive.  So we started out the journey at about 11pm CST and drove all night.  I was the lucky one - the couch was mine for much longer than I planned!  But really, even on the couch you don't get a whole lot of sleep.  I'm the designated fuel pumper so I always get up when we stop for fuel and it's almost impossible to sleep through any of the other bodily required stops by the driver who is, of course, pounding coffee or Mnt Dew in the Doctors case.   :)
The trees were a little bearer and the air a little crisper as we made our way north.  But the trip was rather un-eventful... almost quick even.... almost.

We arrived in Minot (rhymes with Why Not- in fact, that's the catch phrase- Why Not in Minot).  Of course Magoo rather boldly stated he'd rather it be in someone else's not.  Noted.

Minot faced catastrophic floods this past summer.  We drove through some of the areas that were underwater and you could easily see that the water had reached the roofs on most of the houses.  The downtown area was still pretty deserted-  eerie.  We send our thoughts to all of the people who are still displaced and facing hardship.

We loaded in and sound checked at The Landing- and then our hosts, Keenan and Chuck took us all out to dinner!  We cruised in the 'party bus'... one way...
We got a call at dinner from the driver- the 'party bus' had broken down!  Oh well, we weren't too far from the Hotel and the Van!  Dinner was very good but I can't remember what the name of the joint was.  We were joined by several others- including Chris.  Who told us the story of 'training to eat the 4lb burger' at some truck stop in Iowa!!!
He trained for several weeks before hand by eating say 4 or 5 Whoppers at a sitting.  WOW.  He tried to eat the 4lb'er once and didn't quite get it down... and his quest ended there!  By the way, Chris weighs all of 150lbs maybe... not a big dude by all means.

We discovered that The Landing was an old school kind of joint... a Bar!  It was smokey and loud and people were rowdy and ready to go (just ask Longbons...).  We played pretty well considering we hadn't played much over the past month or so.  One of Keenan's favorite songs is Come Right Away- so we gave that one a try and ... well... it wasn't perfect but we got through it.  :)

The next few nights we spent at the 4 Bears Casino in New Town, ND.  It's in a really beautiful area- sitting on a big lake with lots of bluffs around it.  We all stayed away from the casino for the first day we but ALL found our way to the Buffett without a problem!  We played in the brand new casino bar- just off the gaming room Friday and Saturday night.  The room was a little boomy but all in all it was a couple of good nights.  Magoo and Peter hit the 'tables' Friday night- I believe they both left the tables with some casino money in their pockets.  Yeah team.  I didn't really have the gambling bug so I avoided it... and went and watched Dr. Everything and Marty race the Motocross on Dr. E's PS3!  Saturday was college football/tv day.  I don't have a tv at home so it's fun to watch a bit in the hotel rooms!!!  :)

Peter with Linda and Julia (thanks for the photos Julia)
Saturday night we left after the show to do another all night drive towards home.  We left Magoo behind- he went to the airport instead to fly to Miami to catch a cruise!  Lucky dog.  Thanks to all of the folks who came out and took pictures that I swiped for this blog!!! :)

Rock On and Take 'er Easy-

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Back on The Farm

After a couple thousand miles, a couple weeks and a dozen shows... I'm back on the Farm!  The Menagerie (see previous post) and I pulled into our new homestead- The Farm.  If you look real close at the picture (you can click on it for a larger version) you can see the RV Madison resting peacefully.  Our first visitor to the Farm was a dude who does those fly overs and takes pictures and comes to your place and tries to sell 'em to you.  Well... he found a sucker here!!  :)

     Fairchild and I decided to move out of the city.  I've been promising my dogs (through the years... there was- Abby, Kramer, Newt, Maggie and now Daisy) that I would move to a farm.  Finally, Daisy gets to realize that dream.  She's LOVES it here more than any of us.  I don't think JJ really cares one way or another... she's a fish you know... but she does get a pretty cool view of the 'back 40'.  Dusty the cat is pretty sure she's ready to go out huntin' but we're a little leery to let her out there by herself yet.  She's never been outside.  So we take her out on a kitty harness which she tires of after a little while.  The one thing I didn't consider is that I'll be spending a lot of time on a lawn mower... in my standard Farm Wardrobe! 
     The tour was great- I can't thank all the House Concert Hosts enough- they are all so different yet so the same too.  It's like a bunch of old friends hanging around listen to music and drinking a glass of wine or a beer or whatever you're in the mood for.  I'm excited to go out and do a whole bunch more soon!  If you're interested in hosting one- send me an e-mail- 

     We got to end the whole tour in Kansas City.  We arrived Sunday because our host, Cliff, invited us to the Chiefs/Vikings football game at Arrowhead Stadium.  It was another amazingly beautiful fall day- great day for football... and a bloody mary- or a Hail Mary as they called it.  Monday was the show- a private event that was held at KC's new soccer stadium- The Livestrong Sporting Complex (I believe).  A great place- reminded me of the Chicago Fire's stadium on the south side- Toyota Park.  I wanted to go take a couple penalty shots after the show but Tiny (the head groundskeeper... who isn't exactly Tiny) thought maybe that wasn't such a good idea.  Whatevs man!

     I'm off for about a week- expecting some relatives any day now- and then it's off to North Dakota for a few Hello Dave shows next week at the 4Bears Casino in New Town and a club in Minot!  Go to for the details!

     Fairchild is fitting in just fine on the Farm too!!  She's ready to tear into her radio show and start blogging- probably far better than my gibberish!  :)

Alrighty- take 'er easy now!

Saturday, October 1, 2011


I've always wanted to sing that song... I wish I knew the words. We're in Oklahoma - somewhere near Tulsa- I think- on the way to Tahlequah and a wedding celebration that I'll be a part of today. We stopped at the handy Walmart here. We've camped out several nights at Walmarts along the way. We always shop a little to say thank you, of course. We did some late night shopping last night. It's always dangerous though because you can go in for one thing and come out with $200 worth of things you simply must have. Last week at the Evergreen Walmart I bought a percolator - yep, a coffee percolator. I tried it out and ... well I wasn't terribly happy with the results. I had to go to Statbucks and think it through. :)

This is my first 'phone' blog- I'm writing it with my iPhone whilst laying in bed- not bad this whole technology stuff. So I blame any typos on on that- :)

Daisy and Dusty are both looking at me with hungry eyes- time for breakfast!!!
And then it's off to the wedding bells of Keith and his bride.
Tomorrow we're going to Arrowhead Stadium- Chiefs/Vikings courtesy of our good friend Cliff!!

Rock On and, as always,
Take 'er easy

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Denver.... and then a new stop!

Good day... good day indeed.  I have been traveling with my crew for a week and a half and it has been great.  The weather here in the mountains has been perfect!  I realized I've never been in Colorado in the fall when the leaves start changing.  In fact, since our first drive up through Rabbit Ears Pass en route to Steamboat, the leaves of the Aspen trees have burst into an intense spray of yellow across the mountains.  Add the pure beauty of the Rocky Mountains and the views are striking to say the least!!

The shows have been great.  Mostly I've played House Concerts and Backyard Concerts!  Starting last week I played a cozy living room of a house tucked up in the mountains above Evergreen.  The view was stunning and the folks were tremendously nice.  Thank you Tom and Monica for a great evening or laughs and music!  I had an opener that night- a couple of young fellers- Jake and John- played and sang some songs they wrote.  Still in high school and writing killer songs!!  It was a tough act to follow but I did my best and then invited them up to sing a song with me at the end!

From Evergreen it was through the tunnel (the long tunnel on I-70 when you really get into the mountains) to Dillon, CO for a House Party... Backyard Bash... at the Kaskey's house.  They just moved in so it was kind of a House Warming Party.  We went late into the night- it got chilly out there but I had a ginormous heater keeping me nice and toasty.  I had a few more guest stars including a kid from the Lake Geneva area.  His father was actually Nicole's (that's Fairchild to you and me) Math teacher at Walworth Middle School- a few years back! Mr. Schroeder!  What a small world... they chatted it up for quite a while!  Being from the Chuck's neighborhood he requested the song by the same name!
I had to plead... just a little... to get the host of the party, Curt, to come up and join me on Summer in Chicago-
What a fun night it was until I woke up to the sounds of a fight... a fight that sounded like it was between a dude and his car?!?!  I'm not sure what happened and I think it's better left un-investigated!

In Steamboat Springs I played the Ghost Ranch- a great club and a Backyard Party that was the after party of the Steamboat Springs Cornhole Association Tailgate Classic!  It's the final tournament of the Association season... with a great Crystal Cup trophy.  Fairchild and I were invited to be a part of the tourney and we were set on taking the Cup home... to let JJ have as her new home!  JJ... if you don't know is the Fish (aka - Merch Man) that is along on this tour!  Alas, we got smoked.  We lost our first match and were sent to the losers bracket where we promptly lost again.  It worked out just fine because then I was able to watch the Lions beat the Vikings!  I am still... after many many many hard years... a Lions Fan!  :)

Our hosts- Brian and Nikki Smith won the tournament and took the Cup home... after a little Stanley Cup like celebration!  I, on the other hand, had to taste the bitter taste of DEFEAT!

After a glorious day in Steamboat Springs we spent a night way up in the mountains- very near THE Rabbit Ears that the pass gets it's name from.  It was so peaceful and dark and quiet and cold.  The stars were beautiful.

We stopped for another House Concert in Silverthorne, CO- thanks Joanne!!  Joanne is the Coroner in the county and has many great stories to tell- I'm not sure if I was the show or if she was!! :)

Now we're in Denver- at the Flying Saucer RV Park- an interesting place.  I have a show on the roof of the Denver Athletic Club this evening.  It should be another great time with old friends and new!  Then the RV Madison pulls out of Denver ... next stop Oklahoma!

Take 'er Easy!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's a regular Menagerie around here....

Howdy folks- it's Thursday and I'm in Denver- heading up to Evergreen, CO for a House Concert later today. First I gotta go find some guitar strings- I need some new ones.

It's been quite a drive- I have a whole crew along on this tour. But yet I'm still not sure who's gonna carry my guitar and set up the Wall of Sound!!! I mean seriously do I have to have laminates for all of them??  You know.. those cool badges on a string all the dudes wear back stage.. a laminate.
Of course there is Daisy- she's kind of the Road Manager but she may have to be demoted this time.  Maybe she can be Front of House Sound Guy- since Art isn't here and lord knows she can probably do just about as good as Dave did!  :)  Hello... Daaaave!!!!  She always loves to sit up front too- so it makes perfect sense!
Okay- laminate for Daisy- FOH! (Front of House Engineer).

Also along on the trip is Dusty- she's the yang to Daisy's ying?!?! The salt to her pepper??  The Magoo to her Marty!!!  That's it!  Dusty has been around for about a year- usually she stays home alone but this trip was a little too long for a huge bowl of food and three litter boxes!  :)  Just kidding animal lovers (PITA)!!!
I'm not sure where she'll fit in the crew.  So far on her first MoHo journey she has not been particularly happy.  She's been hiding a lot in the back- under the Back End Studio- I suppose then, she likes the behind the scenes action.  Perhaps she can run the monitors (those little speakers you see on stage that the band listens to)!!  Yes-
Laminate for Dusty-  Monitor Engineer

The reason Dusty is along on this trip is because Fairchild is along too!  She's never been to Colorado before... that coupled with the fact that she was a little freaked out about staying on the farm all alone for two weeks got her a back stage pass at least!!! (more on The Farm later!!!).  But a laminate??!?
Hmm-  She's probably not gonna carry much gear... so she has management written all over her!!!  :)  Definitely Road Manager but she may have to wear more than one laminate... like Personal Chef and Masseuse!  She's whippin up lunch as I type!!
I know she's gonna totally dig the mountains and she keeps the RV Madison smelling fresh... not to mention she puts a SHINE all her own on everything!
Laminate for Fairchild- Road Manager, Chef, Masseuse, Sweetheart and Shiney Person!

That leaves just one last spot on this crew.  She's a relative new comer and this is her first tour.  In fact it's her first anything really.  I don't know that she's ever even been out of the house.  She seems to be pretty peaceful on the journey so far... she sat in the sink the whole way across Iowa and Nebraska... but came up front as we entered Colorado.  She probably can't smell the sweet mountain air or feel the cool mountain breeze.  In fact she's probably more of a beach girl.  :)
JJ is what we call her... because we had Lady Fish, Lady Fish Jr and now, well... Lady Fish Junior Junior!  JJ!  She can't really do too much on the tour I guess... BUT she can jump out of the water and grab food out of my fingers!!! Seriously!!  Okay, not Flipper style or anything.  She doesn't really catch any radical air but she does come up out of the water ... like a quarter of an inch... and grab food out of my fingers!  Pretty funny.  So... what the heck can she do... besides being the opening act.... only one thing of course.... MERCH!  (Don't take offense Big Greg... she'll never replace YOU!).

Laminate for JJ-  Merch Man (I guess we can call her Big JJ for now).

Okay... off to Sing some Songs!
Rock On and for gosh sakes...
Take 'er Easy!

Monday, September 19, 2011

I know I know I know... but COLORADO

It's been a long time since my last post here in the Almost Daily Weekly Blog Thing.... but I've been busy busy busy.  I don't have time right now to get into the whole reason why I've been so busy (I'll save that for next week).  BUT I do have a few moments to let you know... especially you folks in Colorado that I'll be headed your way this week for some house concerts and a benefit that are OPEN to the public!  From Evergreen to Dillon to Steamboat to Denver ... I'll be singing songs!  These house concerts are quite entertaining.. not just me, but the people who open up their homes to the likes of me and guests (most of whom they've never met) can be a whole lot of fun!  After Colorado I stop in Oklahoma for a night and Kansas City for a couple of days- including a Chiefs Football Game!

If you're gonna be in Colorado over the next two weeks or if you know anybody who'll be out that way .. pass it on-  You can find info on all these shows in several places!
My website- or the The Hello Dave Site OR
If you're one of those Facebooker Folks (like me) you can find me - LIKE me AND FRIEND me!  We're tight like that yo!  Wait ... did you say Twitter?!  Okay we can do that too- HIMEBAUGH Tweets
That's it!  No more links.

Oh- except this one!  You can also hear a few of my new tunes on the site-
Just go to the music page and click away!

Now then- I'll be back to my Regular Scheduled Postings at their Regularly Scheduled Times... kind of.

Take 'er easy!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

CUBS, Badges and Glow Sticks! and Jersey Shore???

Good Day!  Good day indeed!

My almost daily posts lost a few days there... didn't they?!?  That happens when you have a weekend like this past weekend.  The weekend started in a relaxing fashion on Thursday.  I went to the Friendly Confines (aka Wrigley Field) with some pals.  We had really great seats right on the Cubs dugout.  Kris, my sister,  and I were intent on watching the game-
However, our companions... well... they were just in it for the good times apparently!  My soundman Art Harrison and Business Manager Bryan Robson made quite a spectacle out of themselves.  But I think they had a good time!!  Magoo was out in the bleachers spying on us the whole time with his binoculars.  He could see the nacho cheese all over Art's pants... at least that's what Magoo said.  I never saw nachos and I'm pretty good at seeing them!  :)

Friday afternoon I recorded a quick video for this songwriting contest dealio- it's the Mountain Stage NewSong Contest and I'm a "Regional Finalist"!  Go HERE to check it out!  I put up a new song called Good Morning Sunshine!

Friday night found me in South Haven, MI.  I played a joint called the Black River Tavern.  We.. and I do mean we because by the end of the night I think everyone in the Tavern were friends.. had a great time.  I sang a bunch of tunes and filled every request I could!  A guy I know from my days at Eastern Illinois University owns the joint now and he had a gift waiting for me!  I've already arrested 7 people for doing stupid things!  Thanks Scott!

Saturday night was... in a friends words... EPIC.  We played a cool area in Chicago- it's hard to explain but this 'dude' puts on Loft Parties.  Not just a party though- I'm talking PARTY.  There were lasers and Go Go dancers, painted ladies and glow sticks, and some dude named... something or other from Jersey Shore was the DJ.  It was EPIC by all means.  We played to kick off the party out in the courtyard and it was absolutely beautiful.  Oh, by the way, I should tell you that our friend Jimmy John and his wife Leslie were the ones who put on the party via the 'dude'.

 And yes, that's a flute player in the picture.  Another dude, this one named Diego, approached me before the show and said- "Hey man, I heard there was a band so I brought my flute".  Seriously, that's what he said.  So we invited him up for a few tunes and he wailed on the flute.  It was pretty cool!  When we finished people started heading up stairs to the loft.  It was pretty wild I have to admit!  I met a few really interesting people and hung out with some folks that normally I don't get to spend much time with.  Thanks Jimmy and Leslie for another great evening with you and your people!!!

Sunday... I slept!

Rock On- and take 'er easy!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

BIG Greg! the Merchmaniac

 Well, he's baaaaack!  Big Greg has been out of action for about ... 3 months or so.  He had a crazy thing happen in the spring.  An intruder walked right into his house and started checking out all the rooms.  Greg, knowing that his wife, lovely Rita, was in the house went after him.  After a bit of a skirmish Big G and the intruder went down right on Greg's arm.  Ouch ouch ouch is all I can say after hearing Greg tell the story.  His arm was kinda hanging the wrong way. Perhaps we can get Greg to do a full re-enactment on stage sometime soon.  He played the hero but his arm paid the price.  He had surgery and rehab... now he is somewhat of a bionic man I'm thinking.. with rods and screws and such buried beneath a real Frankenstein scar on his arm.

So last weekend, at the Northside Summerfest it was Big G's first day back to work!  He was ecstatic- smiles and hugs for every one.  It was nice to see his mug off to the side of the stage entertaining HIS fans!  :)  
I think he has signed more cds and t-shirts than the band.  He's a legend of the merch tabel!  A Merchmaniac!!

Love ya Big G!

The Summerfest was a great time- a perfect summer day in Chicago.  Jack Straw played before us- Mr. Blotto played after us and the Freddy Jones Band rounded out a great show.

When Fairchild and I climbed on the scooter Spitfire to head back to The Estate (that's what we call our little apartment in Lincoln Park) FJB was still on stage and Magoo was a dancing machine!  Dancin dancin dancin MACHIIIIINE!

Rock on party people..

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Books and Songs and stuff

So a month ago I got an e mail from the people who put on the Mountain Stage music show on NPR- great show by the way.  It was about a song contest they have.  A bunch of my 'folky' friends/song writers enter these contests so I figured I should go ahead and send in a song or two.  This is the first time I've done it but I think I'm gonna enter some more this year!  It's kind of fun!  I sent in a song called Woman (which is on the HD cd- Chicago Twang) and a new un-released song called Sweetwater Town that I wrote with a buddy named Rex Strother.  Then I waited patiently... actually I kind of forgot until....

I got a call from a pal Mary McAdams- I worked on her self titled cd a tad back in 2009-
Mary shrieked... screamed... carried on.. I didn't know what the heck was going on.  She had already seen the list of regional finalists and we're BOTH on it!  HA-  We're in the MidWest Region and the judges will start ... judging I guess.  Along with the internal judges there is also a popular vote- the 'people's choice' winner along with all of the Region Winners will go to New York in October and sing a few songs.  One of the 8 or so artists will then be crowned the 2011 Winner of the Mountain Stage NewSong Contest!
The winner plays on the Mountain Stage show and does some recording with an awesome producer, Jacquire King!  It's kind of neat!  When I got all kinds of congrats calls and e mails I realized it's a real honor!  So... I'm grinning!
And I guess- if you have the gumption, you can go over to the page and vote for me... or Mary! :)  Or any of the other group of artists from all over the country and world!
Here's the link to the Mid West Region Finalists!  You can find Mary and I there... along with another aquaintance- Ellis Delaney from Minneapolis- she's awesome too!

So then... tonight- Tuesday I'm off to carouse with the Literary folks.  A wonderful friend, Laura Caldwell is releasing her new book (her TWELTH if I'm not mistaken).  It's called Claim of Innocence and is part of her Izzy McNeil series!

A few years back she called and asked if I'd mind if she included Hello Dave in one of her novels... Heck Fire Yes.. said I!
So if you read The Night I Got Lucky you'll find yourself at the Park West rocking out with HD!!  Yup- we're kind of a big deal.  HA!
Thanks for the invite tonight Laura!  Fairchild and I will be there with bells on..  well, maybe not bells.  Our cat- Dusty has a bell on her collar and it can get pretty annoying when she scratches at 5 in the morning to get my attention so that she can have her breakfast promptly at 5:30am like any self respecting feline.  Whoa... I think I got off point there....

Now this week finds me cruising in the MoHo to South Haven, MI on Friday night!  I'll be playing a show at the Black River Tavern!  It'll be a a great evening with old friends and new ones!  I've never been there before- it's a new joint owned by an old college friend.

HD has a private show on Saturday in CHI- and from what I hear it's gonna be a humdinger!  Yes... a humdinger.  I don't think that word is used enough.  That and the word BEHOLD... I think that word needs to be used more.  Like.... "BEHOLD- Magoo plays the guitar, Petah plays the drums!  Longbons... BASS! and Marty Williamson plays guitar!!  BEHOLD - young Dr E does Everything!"
Yeah, I like that.

Oh and thanks Mary and David for a great time over the weekend- I was able to keep the 'surprise' secret this week!  Happy Birthday again David!

Take 'er easy now-

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

...almost blew that one...

Good day-
I posted on my FB page last week that I was learning a couple of songs - Here Comes the Sun and Somewhere Over the Rainbow- for a wedding I was singing at on Saturday.  I kinda forgot that it was all a big surprise until someone commented on it... "OOoooHHHH that's the surprise".... 
So I quickly deleted it and went with something more appropriate- 
"I'm not learning any songs today and I'm certainly not going anywhere this weekend" 
I may have messed up the surprise for a few people but it still worked out!

On Saturday, Tommy and Sloan got married.  I was honored to be a part of the ceremony (I sang 4 songs) and to be included in the 'partay' later that night!  It was a very sweet service- there was hardly a dry eye in the house by the time it was all over.  Fairchild joined me and played the part of roadie to a T!  Dr. Everything might just lose a job... yeah right.  Speaking of Fairchild I need to get to work today on producing her radio show- Wake Up Sunshine-  I'll explain more on that later.. when the new episode is on the air!

On Friday night HD played a wedding party out in Addison, IL-   Sami and Tony threw an awesome party for their friends and relatives.  Tony went to school in Iowa City, IA- U. of Iowa- several years ago.  That's where he was introduced to our music.  We hung out a few late nights after shows at the Q Bar!  He showed us his Hello Dave tattoo- which is AWESOME!  
Some of the older ladies didn't really dig the musical styles of HD- we got a number of requests for some Achey Breaky Heart :) and the Electric Slide :) :).  
Tony and his peeps dug it which is all that counts!!  
It's pretty cool when we get asked to play at weddings- because we are really treated like guests instead of 'the band'.   Tony and Sami had a table just for us... sure it was far far away from the head table but... HA.  That was just smart on their part!  The seafood bar was awesome and so was dinner.  We may have started a little sluggish due to the 4 pounds of beef in our gut.. we picked it up when the late night White Castles were delivered!  Good times- thanks Sami and Tony!

Let's see.. this week.... we've got another private dealio on Saturday and then an awesome Fest on Sunday in Chicago- the Northside Summer Fest - HD at 2pm followed by great friends- Mr. Blotto and Freddy Jones!  It'll be a good day, indeed!
Rock On-
take 'er easy-

Friday, August 12, 2011

Wedding Bells and ... well... just wedding bells

Good day- 
For todays festivities HD is heading to Addison, IL to play for a wedding party!  The folks who got married- Sami and Anthony...and their pals are a bunch of HD fans so they hired us instead of the traditional wedding band dealio.  I told them we probably won't do ... 'put your left hand in put your left hand out'... (do they do that at weddings?). Anyway they just want to hear us do our show, so that's what we're gonna do.  And what is that song called anyway??... all I can think of is 'The Hanky Panky'... but I know that's not it.  We've done several affairs like this and they almost always turn out really good-  it'll be a good night!  I have to get my Tux pressed though... shoot.

Yesterday I went to the park by the Lincoln Park Zoo- I stopped in and said hi to the lions too- and just sat and read for a while.  It was a beautiful summer day in CHI.  I also popped into the monkey house just to see if any of them are getting as smart as Caesar.  I should probably tell you I saw the new Planet of the Apes movie a couple days ago with a buddy, Brian Robson.  We went to the theater and he decided he wanted to ride on my scooter with me.  He's about 6'3"... it was quite a ride.  People stared.  I chuckled.  
The movie was surprisingly good.  I'm ready for the next movie in the series because, obviously, there will be another one- soon I hope.  

It has been movie month for me- I also saw... Bridesmaids- LAUGHED.  Horrible Bosses- LAUGHED.  And that one with that one dude where they trade places because they peed in the fountain.... yeah.. that one.  I LAUGHED.  It's not very often that I go 4 for 4 in 'Thumbs Up' movies.  

Okay off to the dry cleaners with my Tux!!  :)
Take 'er Easy-

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

$50 and a can of Coors!

I was at the beach with Fairchild and Daisy this morning for a walk along beautiful Lake Michigan.  The sun had just come up and the waves were lapping at the shore.  It reminded me of... (dream sequence music)......
One time.. when my Mom lived in Florida we went to the beach.  I was a lil feller.. maybe 13 or so.  I was doing my usual snorkeling around and looking at stuff.  It was a bit rough as I remember but only a bit.  My Mom went in and splashed about for a few minutes and then headed back to her towel.  A minute later and she gasped... "oh no, I lost my ring"!!  Her diamond ring fell off in the water.  In the OCEAN.  Eee gads.  She was pretty upset about it so I put my snorkel, mask and flippers back on and went 'fishing'!  Of course it was a bit useless ... right.   BUT NO- about 10 minutes later I saw something shining on the bottom between a couple of rocks right by one of those spiny little ball things.. a sea urchin I believe is what it was called.  I reached down and pulled out her diamond ring!  She practically cried.  When we got home later that day she gave me $50 and a can of Coors!  Thanks Mom!

That's my Mom after polishing off some Ice Cream at The Gage last week in Chicago.  She and Drayton, my step father, were in town for a nice visit.

Love ya Mom... and Drayton!